Jin Coal Group

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Customer Name: Jin Coal Group, Listed No.476 in Fortune World Top 500 in 2017
Mine: Chengzhuang (Benchmark mine of Jin Coal Group)
Certificate Date: March 25th , 2018
Equipment:  SuperDrill™ ZYL-15000D , 1 unit
Accessories: TID Conventional MWD
Pipes: TID Conventional CHD
Bits: TID PDC bits120mm, TID Reamer 195mm

Total Drill Depth: 4213m
Total working days: 20
Total Borehole: 4
Highest Drill Depth per 6 hours: 120m
Customer Evaluation: The drill rig has very high torque and reasonable speed range. Longer stroke distance reduces drill reverse times and this made drill work more efficient. High feed and pull force made it easier to handle drill problems. Hydraulic liner is used to increase Drilling tilt anger which makes drill work easier. Patented clamp structure made it very easy and reliable for pipes to be clamped and loosen. Compared to all other Model1000 rigs, TID SuperDrill™ has much higher work efficiency and lower service intervals.