New field record achieved!

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A large-diameter high-position directional drilling has broken the field record.

Gas drainage is the top priority of coal mine safety production. Due to the lack of guide system, the traditional ordinary drilling rig can not adjust the drilling operation mode in real time with the fluctuation of coal seam, and can not satisfy the problem of gas drainage safety through drilling. Since 2013, Shaanxi Taihe has been committed to the research, development and production of directional drilling equipment, supporting drilling tools and measurement system while drilling, and provides services for coal mine safety through underground gas drainage (drainage), grouting fire prevention, coal seam water injection, outburst prevention and pressure relief, water disaster management, geological exploration and other various projects. Independent research and development and production has been engaged: ZYL-4000D, ZYL-6000D, ZYL-8000D, ZYL-12000D, ZYL-15000D, ZYL-17000D and other series of directional drilling RIGS and supporting pumps; Wired measurement while drilling system YSX15 and wireless measurement system YSX16; And a variety of special supporting drilling tools. The full set of equipment and processes enables directional drilling and measurement of the borehole trajectory while drilling. In the need of large aperture, deep depth, controllable trajectory and other requirements as well as soft strata and other complex construction environment, play a unique role, for customers to solve a full range of practical problems. At present, Shaanxi Taihe has deeply cooperate with Shanxi Coking Coal, Jincheng Coal Industry Group, Shaanxi Coal Chemical, Henan Energy, China Coal Group and so on, which has solved a series of problems and perplexities for the safety production of coal mines.
In recent years, Shaanxi Taihe has based created technology to improve the gas extraction efficiency, according to the construction characteristics of complex strata. Aiming the efficiency of gas extraction of adjacent layers and goaf as the goal, TID continue to increase the investment in research and development. In July 2019, we developed and produced the first large-diameter km directional drilling rig ZYL-25000D. In September 2019, it passed the test of Anbiao National Center. In April 2020, the first domestic industrial test of large footage by directional drilling rig with maximum torque was carried out in Chengzhuang Mine of Jinmei Group.

The technical personnel of Shaanxi Taihe and the person in charge of extraction technology of Chengzhuang Mine fully investigated and comprehensively analyzed the problems such as frequent fracture of drill pipe joint, off-track of reaming hole and easy deviation of drill bit guidance, which appeared in the previous field engineering tests. In the new industrial test, the gas extraction scheme is to replace the high roof drainage roadway with high directional long drilling hole, and the specific research and improvement are carried out on the efficiency of drilling rig, drilling tool capacity, hole forming efficiency, drilling technology and drainage efficiency. Through optimizing the structure of the reaming bit, increasing the water supply flow of mud pump and increasing the water supply pressure of mud pump, the one-time large aperture reaming of directional drilling was achieved and the construction period was shortened by adopting the drilling technology combining directional drilling and rotary reaming.


Since April 2020, directional drilling and reaming of four drilling holes have been implemented in Lane 5312 of Yuchengzhuang Coal Mine, with a total directional drilling footage of 2,120 meters (140 mm) and reaming footage of 1,921 meters. In the construction of 3# hole, the Φ300 mm drill was used to ream 500 meters at a time, which was the first large-diameter long-distance directional drilling with a final hole diameter of 300 mm in China, marking the success of large-diameter high-position directional drilling in the domestic industrial test.