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TeleSmart™ is the most advanced MWD system innovated by our research team. It has been proved to not only greatly increase drill performance but also deduct cost per meter. By removing cable from pipes, drill operation can get more flash flow and better pipe option to increase drill performance.
 TeleSmart™ do all its job by electromagnetic signal transmission system. It perfectly let operator timely get all the technical parameters they need during drill work including inclination range, azimuth range, tool orientation range etc.

Descriptions Parameters
Power supply Battery Pack DC16V
Working Current ≤640mA
Communication Range 600~1000m
Inclination / Measuring Range -90°~ + 90°
Inclination / Measuring Accuracy ±0.2°
Azimuth/Measurement Range 0°~360°
Azimuth/Measurement Accuracy ±1.0°
Tool orientation/Measurement Range 0°~360°
Tool orientation/Measurement Accuracy ±1.0°
Operating Temperature -40℃~75℃
Operating Duration ﹥200h
Water Pressure Resistance ≥12MPa
Dimensions Φ40×2650mm
Core Parts Weight 10 KG

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