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Shaanxi Taihe Intelligent Drilling
Shaanxi Taihe Intelligent Drilling

Shaanxi Taihe Intelligent Drilling Co . , Ltd. is located in Xixian New Area of Xi'an , a national-level new area. Founded in 2013 , the Company is mainly engaged in the research and development , production and sales of drilling equipment, supporting drill rods and tools, instruments and meters, metal and non-metallic materials. Its business covers three major business units: resource exploration and development , mine safety technology and equipment, mine ecological environment restoration and disaster management. At the same time ,it also provides drilling technical services and project consulting services for large drilling fields.  

At present , its main products include ZYL series intelligent directional rig , BYL series pump truck, large diameter and large screw directional rig , high-pressure nitrogen directional rig ,directional drilling and drilling-punching integrated process equipment , directional long drill hole hydraulic fracturing (hydraulic slotting) technology equipment for underground coal mines , YSX series MWD system , small flow sludge pulse wireless MWD device , hole orientator, electromagnetic flowmeter TH ultra-high torsion drill pipe , TH high-pressure sealed hydraulic punching drill pipe and other special drilling tools , PDC drill bits and other intelligent directional rigs and related supporting drilling tools products . The Company has developed engineering service products such as directional hydraulic punching integration process , "replacing lanes with holes" directional long drill holes , and directional long drill holes in complex coal seams. It can produce up to 150 sets of rigs , 100 ,000 drill pipes , and 300 sets of intelligent measuring systems each year. The products are sold to more than 10 provinces across China,with a significant position in the industry. It serves and drives more than 300 enterprises upstream and downstream of the industrial chain.

Adhering to the principle of scientific research going first, the Company successfully implements key R&D projects by continuously investing heavily in scientific research. It has successively won many honors such as high-tech enterprises , national "specialized , Refined, characteristic and novel" Little Giants , "excellent manufacturing enterprises" in Shaanxi Province, "gazelle enterprises in Shaanxi Province" , "hard tech star in Xi'an " , and "technological innovation demonstration enterprises in Xi'an " . At present , it has obtained a total of 43 national patents , including 7 invention patents , 35 utility model patents , and 1 design patent, of which 1 is internationally pioneering and 12 are domestically leading.

In 2022 , the total assets of the Company reached 710 million yuan , with more than 550 employees . At the same time , based on the "industry-university-research-application " cooperation system that meets customer needs , the Company has established a professional R&D institution , with a total of 80+ R&D professionals , including 1 provincial-and ministerial-leading talent , 8 senior engineers , 5 doctors , 20+ masters and 30+ professional engineering and technical personnel. The Company has invested over 10 million yuan in the R&D of test equipment , and has set up an automatic and intelligent rig laboratory, rig performance laboratory, MWD technology R&D room , and failure analysis laboratory. It has established a collaborative innovation mechanism with China University of Geosciences , Wuhan , China University of Mining and Technology, Xi'an Jiaotong University, Northwestern Polytechnical University, Xi'an University of Science and Technology, etc . , laying a solid foundation for the company's sustainable development.

The leading group of the Company, with Mr. Wang Yihong , the General Manager as the core , has always stayed true to "creating value for customers , for employees , and for the society " , and approved scientific research projects based on market demand , to ensure that scientific research achievements are fully translated into practical applications , and support the work safety and intelligent construction of mining enterprises .

Drive industry development with science and technology Create a better future with a focus on customers
A pragmatic journey  The power of unity
Virtue of honesty  Innovative technology
Truth-seeking aspiration  A win-win dream

A pragmatic journey The power of unity1

Virtue of honesty Innovative technology2

Truth-seeking aspiration A win-win dream3

A pragmatic journey  The power of unity
A pragmatic journey The power of unity
Virtue of honesty  Innovative technology
Virtue of honesty Innovative technology
Truth-seeking aspiration  A win-win dream
Truth-seeking aspiration A win-win dream
In November 2013 , Shaanxi Taihe Technology Co .,Ltd. was established
In 2014 , its independently-developedф70 spiral directional drill rod is fully adopted in Jinmei Group
In 2015, its independently-develop ZYL-6000D DDR and YSX15 wried MWD device passed “MA” certification
In 2016, it passed the IOS9001 quality management system certification and was recognized as a “high-tech enterprise”
In 2017, its independently-developed ZYL-15000D/17000D DDR YSX 16 electromagnetic wave wireless MWD device passed the “MA” certification— Taihe Tonghui , Taihe Hongxin Partnership were established
In 2018 , the Company was recognized as an "enterprises above designated size" in Shaanxi Province and “innovation and R&D center for small and medium-sized enterprises” in Shaanxi Province; started equity incentive
In 2019 , the independently developed ZYL-25000D tracked type full hydraulic directional rig passed the "MA "certification , and the model represented an industry--leading technical breakthrough in torque and diameter. In the same year, the Company was rated as an "Excellent Enterprise" in Xixian New Area
In 2020 , the self-developed ZYL-7000D tracked kilometer directional rig and BLY400/30 hydraulic punching pump truck passed "MA " certification; In the same year, it won a number honors such as "Outstanding Enterprise Award in Shaanxi Province " , "Gazelle Enterprise" in X i'an , and the-national "specialized , refined , characteristic and novel Little Giant"; and obtained the "Assessment Certificate of Integration of Informatization and Industrialization (IoII) Management System "
In 2021 , the Company was selected as an "Industrial Brand Cultivation Enterprise in Xi'an " ; "Xi'an Intelligent Drilling Engineering Technology Research Center" is recognized as the munic ipal engineering technology research center "ZYL-25000 tracked type fully hydraulic rig and supporting boring technology " was selected as the first set-of major technical equipment product project in 2021 and obta ined "Intellectual Property Management System Certificate " , "Environmental Management System Certificate " and "Occupational Health and Safety Management System Certificate "
In 2022 , the Company won the titles of "Gazelle Enterprise in Shaanxi Province " , "Hard & Core Tech Star Enterprises in X i'an " , "10th Batch of Munic ipal-level Technological Innovation Demonstration Enterprises in X i'an " , and "Made in China Champ ion Enterprise"; and obtained the" Certificate of Social Responsibility Management System " ; It also undertook the "key technology and equipment for intelligent exploration with controllable trajectory " of X i'an Science and Technology Plan Project
Certificate for the evaluation of the integration management system for information technology and industrialisation
Quality and Service Integrity Unit
Quality Management System Certificate
"Gazelle enterprises" in Shaanxi Province
Industrial Brand Cultivation Enterprise
"Specialized, Refined, Characteristic and Novel" Enterprise
Safety Mark Certificate for Mining Products
Safety Mark Certificate for Mining Products
Safety Mark Certificate for Mining Products
Quality Management System Certificate
Environmental Management System Certificate
Occupational Health and Safety Management System Certification
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Shaanxi Taihe Intelligent Drilling
Shaanxi Taihe Intelligent Drilling
Shaanxi Taihe Intelligent Drilling
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