PT series

一、Product Features

1. Sealing Performance: Good sealing and isolation effect (isolating toxic and harmful gases, air leakage, moisture weathering, and corrosion in acidic and alkaline atmospheres);

2. Sealing Performance: Good sealing and isolation effect (isolating toxic and harmful gases, air leakage, moisture weathering, and corrosion in acidic and alkaline atmospheres);

3. High Adhesion Performance: High adhesion strength, no rebound, permanent adhesion, and no detachment; better collaborative support and protective effects;

4. High Efficiency: The material usage per linear meter is 1/4-1/18 of that of traditional spraying process, while the footage of a single shift is 6-8 times that of traditional spraying process. With sufficient material supply and skilled on-site personnel, the footage of a single shift will not be less than 40 linear meters, which meets the rapid excavation requirements;

5. Environmental Performance: This inorganic material is flame retardant and anti-static, and the operation of wet material process is pollution-free, dust-free, and will not produce waste.

二、 Applications

1. Sealing Type(PT-B80/PT-B100 )

The PT-B80 is suitable for the sealing operations for the roadways, closed walls, and air bridges, connection roadways, closed roadways, and other working conditions in the coal mine/non-coal mine during the withdrawal period of the working face; it effectively isolates the toxic and harmful gases, and prevents air leakage, water leakage, weathering, and corrosion in acidic and alkaline atmospheres with metal support materials.

2.Strengthening Type(PT-J120/PT-J150)

The PT-J120 is suitable for strengthening the surface of surrounding rocks when opening up main roadways and permanently supporting the roadways in the coal mines/non-coal mines, tunnels and subways.

The PT-B100 is suitable for surrounding rock sealing operations under special working conditions such as municipal engineering, underground facilities, subway tunnels, and remained gateway along goaf and small coal pillars in the coal mine/non-coal mine; it also has the sealing effect to meet the strength requirements.

The PT-J150 is suitable for strengthening under the special working conditions such as broken surrounding rocks and fractured zones where the underground facilities, tunnels, and subways are located

3.Protective Type(PT-F180)

PT-F180 is suitable for is mountain strengthening of national defense engineering, slope treatment, deep mining, mines with rock burst and other working conditions; its ultra-high mechanical properties play a synergistic supporting and protective role.

Product Parameters
ModelFlexural strength28dDensityInitial setting timeFinal setting timeWater-cement ratioRebound rate and saggingFlame retardancy and antistatic resistanceOdor and appearanceRecommended usage per square meter
MpaImpervious performanceKg/m³/min/minKg/㎡
Compressive strengthMpa



Sealing TypePT-B80≥3≥12≥15≥1.22000-2200≤60≤3000.12:1-≤1%Pure inorganic material, absolutely flame retardant Tasteless; gray, uniform without agglomeration30-40 (thickness of 15-20mm)
≥20≥65≥800.15:1Basically none, no flow


(thickness of 20mm)
Strengthening TypePT-J120≥4.5≥15≥18


(thickness of 30-40mm)


(thickness of 40-100mm)
Protective TypePT-F180≥7≥20≥25


(thickness of 30-100mm)
Test BasisGB/T 17671-1999《Test Method of Cement Mortar Strength》、JTS 311-2011《Technical Code for Repair and Strengthening of Harbor and Marine Structures》、JGJ/T 70-2009《Standard for Test Method of Basic Properties of Construction Mortar》
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