JZ Pouring series

1. High Toughness: The 28d ultimate tensile strength reaches 11-15Mpa, which is 5 times that of ordinary concrete. In light of its characteristic of ductile failure, it can be deformed synchronously with steel bars;

2. High Durability: The internal structure of the material is compact, less defective, and not shrinkable, which can effectively prevent the erosion of harmful media.

3. Excellent Mechanical Properties: The 3h compressive strength reaches 30-50MPa, the flexural strength reaches 6-8MPa, the 28d compressive strength reaches 140MPa or more, which are 4-7 times that of ordinary concrete; the 28d flexural strength reaches 20MPa or more, which is 10 times that of ordinary concrete; it is capable of ensuring that the damaged structure quickly recovers its strength to effectively resist dynamic loads;

4. Good Impervious Performance: It has good volume stability after hardening, without cracking; its impermeability grade reaches P10;

5. Strong Effective Adhesion to Original Structure: The material has good permeability to the substrate, and after polymer modification, the adhesion strength with the substrate is improved;

6. Self-leveling Characteristics of Mixture: It has a good flow state, and the expansion degree of the mixture can reach 750mm or more, with self-leveling characteristics; it will pass through dense steel mesh easily and smoothly, which can meet the requirements of various complex construction environments, and simplify the construction process without vibration-ramming after placing;

7. Convenient Construction: It can be cured with the same method as ordinary concrete, with no need for steaming.

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