Fireproof thin-spray materials

Product Features

1. As a flame retardant material, it isolates the contact between the attachment and oxygen in the air; with low thermal conductivity, it delays the conduction rate of high temperature to the substrate; non-combustible inert gas is decomposed by heat to protect the attachment from burning when it is heated; it is expanded and foaming by heat to form a carbonaceous foam insulation layer to sealing the attachment, thus preventing combustion or reduction in the strength of the attachment due to the increase of temperature;

2.Sealing Performance: It has good film-forming structure to implement excellent sealing and isolation effects. It not only effectively isolates the toxic and harmful gases, as well as the moisture and heat in the airflow, but also isolates the surface of the attachment to prevent weathering and corrosion, as well as corrosion in acidic and alkaline atmospheres.

3.High Adhesion Performance: The material has high adhesion strength to the attachment, without peeling or dropping off.

4.High Efficiency: It requires only to be applied evenly to the surface of the attachment by spraying, brushing, dipping, and other processes.

5.Adaptability: With stable performance, it will neither chemically react with any substance, nor be affected by acid, alkali and other corrosive substance.

6.Environmental Performance: It is colorless and transparent, without color change at room temperature, with good transparency, smooth and beautiful film formation, and maintaining the original texture and color of the attachment.


1.It can be applied on the surfaces of the wood structures such as roof truss, ceiling, doors and windows etc.;

2.By applying and spraying paint on the surface of the attachment, it will improve the fire resistance, slow down the propagation of the flame, and prevent the combustion.

Product Parameters
Fire resistance timeminN20
Flame propagation ratiodW25
(Fire resistance)Mass loss valuegW5
(Fire resistance)Carbonization volume valueW25
Usage per square meterg/rn2500
Coating thicknessmm0.5
Hard drying timeh24
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