Flexible thin-spray materials

一、 Product Features

1. Two-component: Component A is inorganic powder, while component B is aqueous liquid;

2.rong Adhesion Strength: Permanent adhesion without dropping off; Hardening: It will be hardened in 2-4h;

4.fety and Environmental Protection: It is flame retardant and antistatic, and will not produce reactive heat during hardening;

5.nvenient Construction: It can be applied with a pneumatic pump which is easy to operate, safe and efficient.

二、 Applications

It is suitable for the sealing operations of surrounding rocks of the roadways and closed walls etc. in the coal mines/non-coal mines.

Product Parameters
categoryAdhesion bowBdhesion bow
ComponentsNo residual materialAqueous liquid
Weight ratio0.5~2:1
Surface drying time40
min (20-25°C)
Hardening time h4
Tensile bow2.5
Elongation at break %10-30
Adhesion bow M^Mpa1.2
Flame retardancy and antistatic resistanceMeet the technical standard of MT113-1995 for polymer products used in underground coal mines.
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