PZ-S3-series Tracked Wet-type Spraying Machine for coal mine

1.Electric drive motor;

2.Hydraulic crawler traveling device;

3.Continuous spraying operation;

4.Automatic quantitative water addition;

5.Length of the spraying pipe at 20-30m;

6.Removable main components;

7.Easy cleaning;

8. MA logo

Product Parameters
Total motor powerKW30
Power of spraying hydraulic motorr/min50
Operating voltageV660/1140
Spraying flowm3/h
Air sourceMPa0.4-0.63
Spraying pressureMPa1.6
Suction liftm8
Horizontal conveying distancemKO
Conveying particle sizemm<5
Operating noise (decibels)dBW90
Main unit dimension (length × width × height)mm2800x1280x1900
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