Closed coringdevice

Product features

1.In the extraction process,with the coal core completely saled,it can reduce the gas losses on the sample;

2.It can meet content testing and sampling requirements of the coal bed gas in the underground coal mine;

3.It is applicable to both wired and wireless scenarios;

4.It is comparable to placing the cored sample extracted from the borehole directly into a coal sample container, ensuring pressure sealing. Once brought to the surface, it can be connected to the surface desorption device for parameter measurements;

5.Since water travels straight from the gap between the inner and outer pipes to the bit port, it avoids flushing out the rock core, thereby maintaining the integrity of the rock core;

6.The coring rate is notably exceptional, reaching up to 95%;

7.It can effectively tackle issues pertaining to water blockage and core jamming.

Product Parameters
Main technical parameters of closed coringdevice
1Diameter of coring outer tubeΦ144mm
2Outer diameter of drill bitΦ116mm
3Effective length of coring inner tube790mm
4Inner diameter of coring inner tubeΦ35mm
5Length of coring tube assembly1830mm
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