ZYL-4500D(D) tracked full hydraulic all round split type DDR for coal mine

The ZYL-4500D(D) fully hydraulic crawler directional drilling rig (DDR) for coal mines is a fully hydraulic-driven, split-type, all directional crawler DDR. It stands as an upgraded version of ZYL-4000D and boasts the following characteristics:

1. The drilling rig has a high torque and a reasonable speed range, making it well-suited for both small-diameter diamond core drilling and fulfilling the requirements of large-diameter hard alloy core drilling and a variety of engineering drilling applications;

2. The drilling rig exhibits impressive feed and pulling capabilities, making it proficient in handling unique scenarios encountered within boreholes;

3. The drilling rig features an uncomplicated structure, a well-thought-out layout, small overall dimensions, and high transmission efficiency;

4. The operation of the drilling rig is centralized, straightforward, and convenient, offering flexible and reliable control while significantly reducing labor intensity;

5. The drilling rig is able to mobilize itself as a single unit, facilitating a convenient and swift installation process, ultimately leading to a substantial reduction in preparation time;

6. During construction, the drilling rig can achieve a drilling angle ranging from -90° to +90°, along with an azimuth angle spanning from 0° to 360°;

7. Upon the removal of the anchoring cylinder from the drilling rig, its height measures 2,060mm;

8. The drilling rig features overall dimensions of 3,700×950×1,900mm;

9. It is particularly well-suited for conducting near-horizontal directional long-hole drilling operations in the confined conditions of coal mine narrow roadways, including crossheading boreholes, conveyor belt roadways, and track transportation roadways. It has the capability to perform operations with an azimuth angle spanning from 0° to 360° and a spindle inclination angle ranging from -90° to +90°.

10. The drilling rig demonstrates the structural characteristics of flexibility, compactness, user-friendliness, and excellent overall stability;

11. It is applicable to a range of construction processes, including directional drilling using screw motors and hole-opening rotary drilling;

12. It finds application in directional drilling constructions for coal mine gas extraction, as well as various high-precise directional drilling constructions such as underground water exploration and drainage, detection of abnormal geological structures, coal seam thickness measurement, coal seam water injection, and roof and floor grouting.

Product Parameters
Test itemUnitParameters
1Drilling rigMainRated pressureMPa26
2Rated flow rateL/min140
3Rated torqueN.m4500
4Rated speedr/min50
5Maximum speedr/min200
6Working pressureMPa30
7Feed forcekN135
8Feed speedm/min9
9Pulling forcekN210
10Pulling speedm/min4
11Feed distancemm800
12Drilling depthm>300
13Ending diametermm113/133
14Opening diametermm96/113/133
15Drilling angle°-180
16Horizontally rotatable angle°360
17Drill rod diametermmØ70/Ø73/Ø89
18Anchor forcekN100
19Water supply pressureMPa1-1.5
20Minimum water supplyL/min360
22Overall dimensionmm3900*920*2200(±50)
24Pump stationRated pressureMPa31/24
25Rated flow rateL/min90/60
26Motor model-YBK3-280S-4
27Rated voltageV660/1140
28Rated currentA80.2/46.3
29Rated powerkW75
30Effective tank volumeL250
31Travelling mechanismTravelling modemmTracked
32Working pressureMPa23
33Working flowL/min100
34Travelling speedkm/h2
35Climbing angle(°)20
36Track shoe widthmm250
37Mud pump stationsMotor powerkW75
38Rated pressureMPa11
39Rated flow rateL/min290
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