Intrinsically safe hole orientator for mine

Product features

1. The built-in LED screen display the opening pitch angle,roll angle and azimuth angle;

2.High-precision three-axis fiber optic gyroscope is used for north finding,with high accuracy in measuring opening and the azimuth,and is not affected by magnetic field;

3.It has the function of quickly determining the true opening azimuth,and the function of continuous true horizontally rotatable angle measurement;

4.Light,portable and eazy to use.


1. It uses high-precision fiber-optic gyroscopes to sense the earth’s rotation rate,and uses accelerometer for tilt compensation to rapidly and independently determine the true horizontally rotatable angle of drilling.

Product Parameters
YHZ90-360 Intrinsically safe hole orientator for mine MFA190045
Parameters of hole orientatorIndicator
Power supply modeBattery powered/intrinsically safe power supply 15 VDC
North-finding time<3min
Pitch/roll angleMeasurement range-60~60°
Measurement accuracy±0.2°
Horizontally rotatable angleMeasurement range0~360°
Measurement accuracy±1.0°
Working time>72h
Working temperature-40~60℃
Overall dimension259*161*130mm
Remark:One RS232 communication cable, one charger, and two positioning fixtures (straps)
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