The wireless directional drill rod

Product features

1. The wireless directional drill rod, also known as the non-magnetic drill rod, derives this imaginative name from its integration with wireless measurement while drilling devices.

2. The Taihe series wireless drill rods, in coordination with DDRs, measurement while drilling devices, drill bits, and specialized drilling tools, are meticulously designed to cater to real-world operational requirements and geological environment conditions, featuring state-of-the-art, all-encompassing, highly efficient, and cost-effective benefits;

3. A multitude of supplementary and combination solutions are well-suited for a diverse array of intricate operating conditions and geological environments;

4. R&D, production, matching, and technical support are integrated to meet the diverse customized needs of customers; 

R&D and Manufacturing

1. Advanced R&D, processing, and production capabilities ensure an annual output of 100,000t of directional drill rods; 

2. A rigorous quality control system ensures quality throughout every stage, from sourcing materials, through processing and manufacturing, all the way to supply;

3. Robust R&D support ensures responsive customer engagement and product upgrades;


1. They find extensive applications within Taihe DDR operational environments, ensuring a seamless and efficient customer experience;

2.They are gradually being applied to other DDRs, offering a simple yet practical compatibility solution.

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