YSX16 Wireless MDW device for mine

Product features

1. Eazy operation: The probe pipe is fixed inside the nonmagnetic outer pipe with a three-wing structore.The nonmagnetic system is composed of the upper nonmagnetic drill rod,the insulating antenna and the nonmagnetic outer pipe,and can be direcly connected with the drilling tool;

2.High reil ability: The wireless mode features electromagnetic wave transmission mode.Therefore,the device only relies on the stratum around the hole as the transmission medium,with no connection point problem,compared with that in the wired mode;

3.Low cost of drill rod: Only ordinary drill rods are required to completed data measurement,which can save the cost of wireline drill rod;

4.Long transmission distance: According to the resistivity of different formations,the transmission distance is generally 600~1,000m.


1. YSX16 MWD device for mine transmits the parameters such as dip angle,horizontally rotatable angle,tool face angle of the MWD drill hole in the form of electormagnetic wave,and can display in time the drilling trajectory and parameters.

2.The driller can understand the drilling construction at any time,and adjust the elbow direction and process parameters in time to achieve accurate drilling.

Product Parameters
YSX16 Wireless MDW device for mine
Main technical parameters of probe pipeIndicator
Working viltageDC15~18V
Communication distance>1500m
Dip angleMeasurement range-90~90°
Measurement accuracy±0.2°
Horizontally rotatable angleMeasurement range0~360°
Measurement accuracy±1.0°
Tool face angleMeasurement range0~360°
Measurement accuracy±1.0°
Working temperature-40~75℃
Output signalTwo-wire system current≤130mA
Water pressure resistance≥12MPa
Overall dimensionΦ35*950mm
Main technical parameters of computerIndicator
Working viltageAC127V
Rated power≤150W
Communication interface1-way 485 interface、2-way USB interface
Operating systemWindows7 64-bit operating system
Intrinsically safe power interface1-way 15VDC intrinsically safe output interface
ProcessorI5 dual-core processor
Solid state drive120G
Overall dimension570*563*153mm
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