ZYL-7000D(B) tracked full hydraulic integrated type DDR for coal mine

The ZYL-7000D fully hydraulic crawler directional drilling rig (DDR) for coal mines is a fully hydraulic-driven, integrated-type, all directional crawler DDR. It stands as an upgraded version of ZYL-6000D(A) and ZYL-6000D(B) and boasts the following characteristics:

1.The drilling rig has a high torque and a reasonable speed range, making it well-suited for both small-diameter diamond core drilling and fulfilling the requirements of large-diameter hard alloy core drilling and a variety of engineering drilling applications;

2.The drilling rig exhibits impressive feed and pulling capabilities, making it proficient in handling unique scenarios encountered within boreholes;

3.The drilling rig features an uncomplicated structure, a well-thought-out layout, small overall dimensions, and high transmission efficiency;

4.The operation of the drilling rig is centralized, straightforward, and convenient, offering flexible and reliable control while significantly reducing labor intensity;

5.The drilling rig is able to mobilize itself as a single unit, facilitating a convenient and swift installation process, ultimately leading to a substantial reduction in preparation time;

6. The large-torque drill rig can expand holes up to a maximum diameter of 153mm, leading to a substantial improvement in gas extraction efficiency.

Product Parameters
Tese itemUnitParameters
1MainRated pressureMPa28
2Rated flow rateL/min160
3Rated torqueN.m7000
4Rated speedr/min50
5Feed pressureMPa32
6Feed forcekN250
7Feed speedm/min10
8Pulling force kN250
9Pulling speedm/min10
10Feed distancemm1000
11Drilling depthm1000
12Ending diametermm113/133
13Opening diametermm113/133/153
14Drilling angle°-10~+20
15Drill rod diametermmØ73/Ø89
16Anchor forcekN100
17Water supply pressureMPa1-1.5
18Minimum water supplyL/min200
20Overall dimensionmm4080×1750×2260(±50)
22Pump stationRated pressureMPaMain pumpClosed pumpAuxiliary pump
23Rated flow rateL/min21413341
24Motor model-YBK3-315S-4
25Rated voltageV660/1140
26Rated currentA95/54.8
27Rated powerkW90
28Effective tank volumeL350
29Pump station weightKg1500
30Travelling mechanismTravelling mode-Tracked
31Working pressureMPa26
32Working flowL/min120
33Travelling speedm/min25
34Climbing angle(°)20
35Track shoe widthmm300
36Mud pumpRated pressureMPa10
37Rated flow rateNL/min300
38Number of cylinders-3
39Cylinder liner plunger diametermm50
40Piston plunger strokemm70
41Volume efficiency≥92
42Total efficiency≥84
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