GLD40-40 intrinsically safe eletromagnetic flowmeter for mine

Product Features

1. The intrinsically safe electromagnetic flowmeter for mine is mainly composed of sensors and converters.It is a speed-type instrument based on Faraday’s law of electromagnetic induction and used to measure the volumn flow of conductive liquids;

2.It can detect pipeline liquid flow in real time;

3.Two-way measurement,real-time display,no pressure loss;

4.Wide mwasuring range and long service life;


1. It is suitable for flow measurement in coal mine,petroleum and other industrial fields;

2. It can be configured for flow monitoring of mud pump station under coal mine.

Product Parameters
GLD40/40 intrinsically safe electromagnetic flowmeter for mine
Main technical parametersIndicator
Working voltageBattery power supply 3.6V
Pope diameterDN40mm(as per customer needs)
Measurement range10~40m³/h
Measurement accuracy±1.5%
Water resistance grade16MPa
Working pressure12MPa
Working temperature0~60℃
Overall dimension240*233*346mm
Remark:One charger, one spare battery
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