ZSZM16 mud pules wireless MDW device of mine

Product features

1. ZSZM16 mud pulse MWD device for mine takes mud as the trasmission medium and can monitor multiple data in real time: dip angle,horizontally rotatable angle,total magnetic field,total gravitational acceleration,signal strength;

2.The mud pulse MWD system is a positive pulse MWD device,which uses the mud with a depth of several kilometers as the signal transmission channel,and features an integrated design,with smart and compact structure,small size and convenient use;

3.The prob pipe is fixed with plug-in three wings,which is easy to assemble and disassemble on site.


1.It is applicable to tracking and monitoring of coal mine geological exploration hole and gas drainage hole trajectory;

2.It can display in time the drilling trajectory and parameters,so that the driller can understand the drilling construction at any time,and adjust the elbow direction and process parameters in time to achieve accurate drilling.

Product Parameters
ZSZM16 mud pules wireless MDW device of mine
Main technical parameters of probe pipeIndicator
Total length of instrument≤3.5m
Transmission distance≥3000m
Dip angleMeasurement range-90~90°
Measurement accuracy±0.1°
Horizontally rotatable angleMeasurement range0~360°
Measurement accuracy±0.5°
Tool face angleMeasurement range0~360°
Measurement accuracy±1.0°
Working temperature-40~75℃
Power supply modeBattery pack power supply DC16V
Working time of battery pack>200h
Water pressure resistance100MPa
Mud displacement90 ~ 480 L/min
Overall dimensionΦ40*3500mm
Main technical parameters of computerIndicator
Working viltageAC127V
Rated power≤150W
Communication interface2-way USB interface
Operating systemWindows7 64-bit operating system
Intrinsically safe power interface1-way 15VDC intrinsically safe output interface
ProcessorI5 dual-core processor
Solid state drive120G
Overall dimension570*563*153mm
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