8000 Efficient Integrated DDR

1.This drilling rig is customized in allusion to the drilling features of horizontal coring drilling, directional drilling and troublesome zone drilling, which could implement the pick-up coring and wire-line coring processes;

2.The drilling rig is fitted with chain-driven double-plus feeding mechanism, with high feeding speed and large feeding stroke, where the propulsive force and pulling force could reach 30t simultaneously, so that it is more adaptive to complex situation;

3.The drilling rig is fitted with hydraulic clamping-unclamping mechanism, which moderately satisfies the operation requirements of loading and unloading the drill rod, and could significantly mitigate the labor intensity;

4.The main shaft inclination of the drilling rig is adjustable within -45° to 0°, and the drilling pipe is loaded from the center. The length of drill rod is 3m. It can be used in conjunction with the enclosed coring tool to implement enclosed wire-line coring process with high construction efficiency;

5.The drill rod system can be supplied with high-strength upset drill rods, which provides extremely high chip removal capacity to meet the drilling requirement in troublesome zone.

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