ZYL-17000D tracked full hydraulic split type DDR for coal mine

The ZYL-17000D(D) fully hydraulic crawler directional drilling rig (DDR) for coal mines is a fully hydraulic-driven, all directional crawler DDR. It boasts the following characteristics:

1.The drilling rig has a high torque and a reasonable speed range, making it well-suited for both small-diameter diamond core drilling and fulfilling the requirements of large-diameter hard alloy core drilling and a variety of engineering drilling applications;

2.Leveraging patented cylinder technology, the drilling rig showcases a smaller overall length, an extended cylinder stroke, and zero unused space behind the power head. Through a single cylinder feed, it is possible to achieve uninterrupted drilling of 1.2m, which reduces the need for rod changes and substantially improves productivity.

3.The drilling rig exhibits impressive feed and pulling capabilities, making it proficient in handling unique scenarios encountered within boreholes;

4.The drilling rig features an uncomplicated structure, a well-thought-out layout, small overall dimensions, and high transmission efficiency;

5.The operation of the drilling rig is centralized, straightforward, and convenient, offering flexible and reliable control while significantly reducing labor intensity;

6.The drilling rig is able to mobilize itself as a single unit, facilitating a convenient and swift installation process, ultimately leading to a substantial reduction in preparation time;

7.The large-torque drill rig can expand holes up to a maximum diameter of 256mm, leading to a substantial improvement in gas extraction efficiency.

Product Parameters
ZYL-17000D-series tracked full hydraulic DDR for coal mine
Main technical parameters
Test itemUnitParameters
1MainRated pressureMPa26
2Rated flow rateL/min280
3Rated torqueN.m17000~3500
4Rated speedr/min50~150
5Maximum speedr/min200
6Feed forcekN250
7Feed speedmm/min1500
8Pulling force kN250
9Pulling speedmm/min1500
10Feed distancemm1200
11Drilling depthm>1500
12Ending diametermm120/203
13Opening diametermm120/203/253
14Drilling angle°-30
15Drill rod diametermmφ70/φ89/φ95/φ127
16Anchor forcekN100
17Water supply pressureMPa1-1.5
18Minimum water supplyL/min50
20Overall dimensionmm4200×1600×2000(±20)
22Pump stationRated pressureMPa29
23Rated flow rateL/min285
24Motor model-YBK3-315M-4
25Rated voltageV660/1140
27Rated powerkW132
28Effective tank volumeL450
29Travelling mechanismTravelling mode-Tracked
30Working pressureMPa26
31Working flowL/min120
32Travelling speedm/min40
33Climbing angle(°)20
34Track shoe widthmm300
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