Coring Drill Bit


It is used mainly for coring during geological reconnaissance, railway reconnaissance, highway reconnaissance, pile foundation reconnaissance, etc. It can be used for satisfactory drilling in the soft to medium hard and abrasive formations.

Product Parameters
Coring Drill Bit201B0601-1028-A95 dual-tube coring drill bit with single-acting outer tube(Φ98)
201B0601-1029-A95 anti-drag snap-ring coring drill bit with rolling single tube(Φ98)
201B0601-0003-AΦ110/60 coring drill bit
201B0601-0011-ADiamond rope drill bit(S110)
201B0601-1007-A150 PDC drill bit
201B0601-1008-A130 PDC drill bit
201B0601-1021-AΦ171 PDC drill bit with single tube
201B0601-1022-AΦ150 PDC drill bit with single tube
201B0601-1023-AΦ130 PDC drill bit with single tube
201B0601-1012-AΦ170 PDC drill bit
201B0601-1013-AΦ150 PDC drill bit
201B0601-1014-AΦ130 PDC drill bit
201B0601-0017-AHQ drill bit (hardness: 30)
201B0601-0016-AHQ drill bit (hardness: 20)
201B0601-0018-AHQ drill bit (hardness: 35)
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