High nitorgen DDR

Product features

1. High-pressure nitrogen directional drilling rig is a general term for directional drilling rig and nitrogen-making device;

2. High nitrogen DDR technique is an underbalanced drilling one using high nitrogen as the circulating medium.Compared with ordinary drilling technique,it has the advantages of high mechanical speedand good safety;

3. High nitrogen drilling can be realized at a high mechanical speed,which is generally 3∽8 times of that of conventional hydraulic drilling mode;

4. Using high nitrogen drilling technique can easily pass through abnormal formations;

5. Since there is no liquid phase in gas drilling,it will not involve the problem of hydration instability in shaft lining.High nitrogen drilling is highly safe;

6. Under normal supporting and monitoring means,harmful gas pollution and natural gas deflagration will not occur.


1.It is suitable for complex drilling with high gauss;

2.It is used to reduce the gas and oxygen concentration to prevent spontaneous combustion and fire;

3.Installation Location: Underground

4.Ambient Temperature: 0-40℃

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