STD-65 Top drive drilling rig

STD-65 crawler coalbed methane multi-functional drilling rig is composed of full-hydraulic drive, top drive power head, telescopic mast and crawler-based traveling mechanism, and is a multi-functional efficient drilling rig mainly for coalbed methane production. This drilling rig adopts multiple construction modes such as impact drilling of air hammer, gas reverse circulation drilling and high-pressure mud drilling etc. It satisfies the diversified construction demands under multiple geological conditions.

Main product features:

1、The drilling rig adopts multiple drilling modes in accordance with the construction process, mainly including:

(1) Drilling mode for horizontal multilateral well of coalbed methane.

(2) Down-the-hole air hammer drilling mode.

(3) High-pressure mud drilling mode.

(4) Gas reverse circulation drilling mode.

2、The main unit is self-propelling on the basis of the crawler. At present, the overseas drilling rigs are truck-mounted with poor off-road capacity. The construction in the vast territory of China will be restrained by the natural conditions since the land is rugged with large gradient. It will become more difficult and dangerous to approach the construction site and transport the drilling rig in the rainy season and on the muddy road. The crawler drilling rig can be transported on the flat-bed trailer for long distance, and self-propelled in the rugged or muddy site with large gradient. With low specific ground pressure and strong adhesion, it could be driven to the construction site easily, which will provide time guarantee for the smooth construction, and save the cost for road building.

3、The main unit is powered with environmentally-friendly National-III EFI diesel engine with a power up to 290KW, which is fuel-efficient and environmentally-friendly. The service stations for the diesel engine are distribution in all major cities and the warranty is valid across the country. The diesel engine directly drives the hydraulic pump to provide strong power.

4、The drilling rig rack is fitted with a triangle planar motion mechanism, which increases the height of the supporting position of the drilling rig, enhances the stability of the mast and reserves sufficient lifting stroke for the wellhead to maintain sufficient space to install the safety devices at the wellhead.

5、The mast is driven with the telescopic chain-driven double-plus mechanism with simple structure to shorten the transportation length and increase the working stroke, and is fitted with a unique tubing arrangement follow-up structure at its top end, so that the tubing could be arranged neatly to avoid wear and maintain clean appearance. The maximum lifting force is 65t and the maximum feeding force is about 20t.

6、The power head is driven by the hydraulic top drive with big start torque. The main shaft adopts a unique floating structure for the convenience of loading and unloading the drill rod and reducing the wear of drill rod threads. For the purpose of coalbed methane production, the holes are drilled vertically, which causes extreme inconvenience to the loading and unloading of drill rod. To address this problem, the power head of the drilling rig is of a lifting structure with a maximum lifting angle of 80° so that the drill rod could be unloaded horizontally rather than vertically on the drilling rig. It facilitates the construction and reduces the labor intensity of the operators.

7、The hydraulic system of the drilling rig adopts hydraulic products from domestic and overseas well-famous brands, and the electric-hydraulic proportional closed loop operates in conjunction with the load-sensing open circuit, with high reliability and advanced performance. It also improves the decompression drilling function, and provides reliable guarantee for the drilling construction of diamond bit with strict requirements for bit pressure.

8、The drilling rig is remotely operated and fitted with a separate operation cabin. In the drilling process of air hammer, there is heavy dust near the console at the wellhead. To ensure smooth construction, the operator has to wear gas mask in the hot summer, and the construction conditions are harsh. The remote control enables the operator to work away from the wellhead. It provides a safe, reliable and clean operating environment for the operator. 

9、The drilling rig is provided with an open-closing hydraulic wellhead platform for the convenience of operation. Meanwhile, the clamping/unclamping device is installed above the wellhead, which changes the mode of loading and unloading the drill rod with cumbersome hydraulic tongs of other overseas and domestic drilling rigs.

10、According to the requirements of the user, the main unit can be provided with a crane to lift the drill rod and drill bit etc. in the field to mitigate the labor intensity of the operator and facilitate the construction.

11、According to the requirements of the user, the main unit can be provided with drilling platform, crane, operation cabin, oil logging system, ladder stand, escape slide and hydraulic wellhead baffle.

Product Parameters
Main power290KW290KW/2100rpm×1 UnitWeichai power
Drilling capacity (with reference to the drilling pipe specification and drilling depth)φ89 mm×9.6m2500 m
φ114.3mm×9.6m1800 m
φ127mm×9.6m1200 m
Capacity of power headSlewing speed scope of main shaftLow speed  0- 70,0 - 100 rpm±
High speed  0-270,0 - 400 rpm±
Maximum slewing torque of main shaft22000N.m(0-70rpm时)
Reversal break-out torque of main shaft30000 N.m
Diameter of main shaftφ60 mm
Lifting angle of power head0°~80°
Feeding stroke of power head14 m
Maximum lifting force of power head650 KN
Maximum lifting speed of power head22 m/min
Maximum feeding force of power head200 KN
Maximum feeding speed of power head55 m/min
MastMaximum lifting speed0-22 m/min
Adjustment angle0°- 90°
Drilling angle30°- 90°
Working stroke of upper mast7000 mm
Full extension length of upper mast19 m
Clamping/unclamping device (optional)Maximum break-out torque60000 N.m
Maximum make-up torque30000 N.m
Maximum opening diameter of anchor plate
φ500 mm
Crane (optional)Maximum lifting force of single rope without load32 KN
Diameter of steel wireropeφ10 mm
Rope capacity120 m
ChassisSteel crawler chassisHigh speed  0 - 2 Km/h
Dual-speed motor + traveling reducerLow speed  0 - 1 Km/h
Drilling platformStandard dog house, drilling instrument and well site monitoring systemHight  2.5 m
Area  Over 20m2
OthersWorking dimensions9500×3200×19500 mm
Transportation dimensions13500×3150×3400 mm
Total weight38000 kg
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