Tower-type Drill Bit

一、Produce features

1. It has the features of good stability, strong rigidity, high inclination resistance, ability of forming borehole in one time to avoid multiple operations of tripping out, and strong adaptability etc.


1. It is mainly used for geological survey, well drilling and mining.

2. Applicable Formation: Limestone, dolomite and medium hard complete formations.

Product Parameters
tower-type drill bit201B0202-0010-AΦ120/165/203 tower-type reamer bit
201B0202-0017-AΦ120/165/195/245/275 tower-type reamer bit
201B0202-0018-AΦ120/165/195/245 tower-type reamer bit
201B0202-0020-AΦ120/153/203 tower-type reamer bit
201B0202-0019-AΦ120/165/195 tower-type reamer bit
201B0202-0014-AΦ120/153 tower-type reamer bitfor ultra-hard rock
201B0202-0012-AΦ120/153 tower-type reamer bit
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